2001-06-26 05:39:58 (UTC)

Yes he passed

well i was wrong my brother passed the exams but his name
wasnt publised ,,what a relief!!
well i gotta open a bank account soon ,,,
well today tuesday i gotta go to thsi stupid customer place
i hate thsi job!!!!why cant i just get an office job with
no customer service i put faith i god's grace to get my
out of here as i'm trying to do my best,,,
yesterday i spent allat home nothing special but this
morning we saw a horrifying car accident on the way to work
the car was toatlly smashed and burned near Tubli Bay and
teher was lost of traffic jam,, bad start of teh day!!!
i'm sure tom morning papers will feature this,,
they are still publishing best students interviews whichi
fond quite interesting especially when they bring thier
whole family to take a pic with them!!!!boy that's funny