I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-02 02:29:08 (UTC)

Money is crap

It's been a rough day...rough week actually, and Monday
isn't even over yet.

It's been like trying not to wake the deadly sleeping
snake in my house. Money is VERY tight. I don't have a job
still, and there is just no more to go around for anybody.
I had a very small fund that I had managed to save that I
called the "Chris in Orlando" fund, but I had to break
into it today. My sister is even more broke than I am. She
is down to the bare bones. She needed money to pay the
utility bill. And she's bailed me out before, so there was
no way I could say no. She needed it and I had it. End of

I feel like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I've
been trying to stay out of the way and mind my own
business and just do whatever needs to be done here. But
then I am told that I'm antisocial. If I speak up and say
what's on my mind, then I'm insensitive and don't I know
that times are rough right now?!?

Just shoot me. Bastards!! All of them!!! Bleh!