2002-07-02 02:23:22 (UTC)

Gay Pride Rocks!!!

But let me start from the beginning...

This weekend was great. Mainly cause I was never home. Also
cause I got a tan and got to see a bunch of sexy guys in
little skimpy outfits.

Saturday I woke up to my friend Karoline's phone call
asking me do I still wanna go to the beach. So I say yeah.
Ofcourse I wanna get a tan and test out my new bathing
suit. So we go along with Cat, Cat's brother, Cat's
brother's hungover friends, and Karoline's boyfriend.

It was fun! We played volleyball, tanned, and talked. But
before all that, we did each other. (No not sex, but we did
have fun with the way we were saying that, Wink, wink.)

Afterwards we went to the Lane Carnival and went on a ride
or two for free, then met up with this dude they met with
when they went there before and grinded on the school. It
was cool. (By this time it was only Karoline, Karoline's
boyfriend, Cat, Cat's brother, that new dude, and I.

Cat had an invite from this chick for a graduation barbacue
and we all went. That chick went to the club Young Life all
the time, so I knew her a bit, and some of her friends as
well. They are very nice people. (One of the dudes looked
like the dude that played spider-man in spider-man.) So
later we went home. (They had a cool water war there.

At home I call back my other friend that apperantely was
calling me the whole day about what we were suppose to do
on Sunday. But ofcourse I didn't forget about the Gay Pride
Parade and still wanted to go.

(As some of you might know I'm not gay, even though some
people have told me I am in grammer school, which was not
very much to my liking. I like the way people express
themselves without feeling like there is something
terribely wrong with them just cause their different from
traditional ways of going about relationships. Besides, the
place that we were in may look like it has a lot of freaks,
but everyone was so friendly, and nice, it was a millenium
kinda thing. Like people have been able to escape the
possibility of judging a book by it's cover.) It was real
cool, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the

The plan was 10:30, Dunkin Donuts by Belmont and Clark,
and then at 11:30 at Starbucks across
the street to meet up with some more friends. Then Gay
Pride Parade at noon, about two hours later, when it ends
we might go to the Lane Carnival.

There was so much traffic we were both late about 25
minutes. Surprisingly I came first and thought I missed
her. I was gonna call her cell when she just arrived. I
couldn't wait until my mom would leave and let us be
ourselves. She didn't know anything about the parade. I
didn't think she would catch on. (I asked my parents last
year can I go to the next one when Norma told me she went,
and they said no
automatically. They thought that that's immoral and that I
might pollute my mind with those "bizzare" views.) So
hopefully she didn't catch on why all the people were going
in the same direction dressed provacatively with rainbow

She didn't want to leave us in that neighborhood though.
She wanted to drive us for some coffee somewhere else. Like
closer to the carnival. (My lie wasn't a lie, it just
secluded some of the details. I did say coffee shop and
carnival. I just didn't say coffee shop, gay pride parade,
carnival.) I told her she doesn't have to worry that we'll
look out for each other, so she finally left.

With me there were my friend Aiondria, her cousin, Adrian, and her other cousin,
Akeena, (I think that was her name,) and her friend. (I
think she had another "A" name as well, I just don't
recall.) We were to meet up with this girl from school,
Shimora, and she had a lot of gay and bi friends, but we
didn't see her, and it was noon already. The parade was
starting, so we went towards the end so we could see it all
from the beginning.

There were these folks behind us that were gay. Atleast the
majority of them. They were verry funny. We didn't know
them, but there was one that stood out during the parade.
This gay dude from England called Hugo. He was the funniest
drunk gay English dude of them all. He would walk out into
the parade and dance around a little, flirt a little, and
get on every other float. We didn't even know how he came
from wherever he got off the last float and got back on to
the next one. We just kinda see him approaching on another
float, and his friends saying yet again: "Hey there's Hugo!

G.B.L.T.'s were all there. (Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians,
Tranvestites.) There were people on bikes, (as one of the
dudes behind said: "We love dikes on bikes") people
walking, there were some gay pagan organizations, floats
with caged dancers, some with the kinkiest apparel,
marvelous drag queens, I think I even so 3 topless women.
It didn't bother me at all.

Best car: red convertable with one guy laying on the back,
with the other right on top of him.
Best float: Altoids! (I will never think of breath mints
the same way.)
Best dude: This one dude that was walking in the head of
the parade. He was right after
the democrats. Blond, spikey hair, great body,
white thong, with white see through
pants of a nice design.
Kinkiest: or something like that. They had a
bunch of people laying on their float in some
kinky clothes.

Afterwards we split with the Akeena, (she went with some of
her friends,) and were picked up by Aiondria's mom to go to
get something to eat.

We went to this nice little restaurant called A&T. They
have the biggest food there. Across the street was Chica's
secret so we went there afterwards, and each bought
something. Adrian bought a shirt, Aiondria some contacts,
and I bought some socks. (Butterfly ones, ever so cute I
couldn't resist, but they're a bit small.) That store is
like the more fashionable, more ethnic, cheaper discovery.
It's great. I just wasn't fond of the guys working there.
They seemed like perverts to me. (The store is called
Chica's secret, but only guys work there, and they eye out
their customers.)

I was suppose to be picked up by my mom on the Lane
Carnival at 7. I was 20 minutes late. Yikes. Luckily I
found my moms car and waited there for her.

I made up somewhat of a lie that we came to the Carnival
but the deal that was advertised on posterboards in the
school, I must have read wrong. There were suppose to be
these bracelets that you could buy for $15 and get on all
the rides for free after that. But that wasn't there. I saw
people with no bracelets. That was good. So I told my mom
that since it's a rip off without them, we went to eat and
to check out the store's in the neighborhood of the
restaurant we were at. The neighborhood was a little away
so that's why we were late. She bought it as usual. GOOD!

Now I was trying to tell my bro's about all the fun I was
having at the parade, but they don't really care.

(Teresa, if you wanna know why, this is too much to write.
I either already told you, or ask me the next time we'll
talk and I'll fill you in on the psychology of the

Now I'm 3 different tan colors. I'm brown on my arms, I'm
red from chest up and knees, and I'm still white on my
legs. This bites. I gotta start buying long sleeved, white,
breezy turtle necks for the summer.

Bad news: I might not be able to sign up for two courses if
any this summer school. I was doing a whole chase for late
registration today with my brother. Som boy scouts mother
works in Steinmentz and we asked her about the stuff, but
she doesn't know much about it. Although she said that the
school will take me for sure. Now that I rule out all other
possibilities and go to register I hear that I can't
because they already have 45 to 50 students per class, only
sophomores and freshmen, and no Lane students.

The board of ed are all fucked up idiots. The lady that was
trying to help me is an idiot. (If you don't
know what you're doing, don't suggest it, or try to help.
Just don't offer your opinion even. It's a waste of time. I
was ready to bitch at her. She did kill alot of our time in
the school still. Board of ed are idiots though cause out
of 5 schools, only one has a summer school opened. Some are
only opened to freshman and sophomores. (Like steinmentz)
And some only have one time for all of their classes.
There's hardly any selection. How can one school not fill
up and overcrowd their registrations if just one of their
schools is one that has almost 5,000 students. That alone
is able to fill up the school. But they have 4 more that
they are in charge of, and have such limited things to

My best bet is to go to a private school. Which costs about
$155 per semester a late registration fee. In Gordon, you
have to buy books as well. I have a choice of 3 schools
now. Luther, Gordon, and St.Patricks. Luther and Gordon can
only offer me one class because the other is either full or
they are both being tought during the same time.
St.Patrick's has English 2, for sure, but it might not have
Geometry available. I'll try to enroll tomorrow. I hope
they have it. (The lady I called wasn't even sure. I just
hope I don't have to take night school, or worse, get my
diploma late cause I'd have to go through this next year as
well.) This bites. I'm hoping for the best and expecting
the worst. I think.