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2001-06-26 04:54:21 (UTC)

*~My Life With Brandon~*

This is where I tell about me and Brandon. He was mentioned
in my first entry, but I will dedicate this entry to him. I
guess a lot of people say I am obsessed with him, but when
you are in love, that person tends to be the only one you
can think about. I think about Brandon all the time and it
just kills me, the fact that he and I cannot be together
any more. I mean, we will be able to, but at the present
time, we cannot be and it hurts so damn much. I will give a
breif description of Brandon. He is about 5'11", black
hair, black/brown eyes, a very attractive guy (at least I
see him as very attractive). He is 16 and he is from
Brazil. He is very arrogant at times (and even he would
agree with me) but most of the time, he's nice. Which,
coming from him, is unnatural. He says he is used to being
an Asshole, but around me he just can't be one. That is
basically Brandon. He is also a Back-Yard wrestler, and a
very good one at that. Now let me talk about us.

I met Brandon on April 13, 2001 (Friday the 13th). I had
seen him once before, with this guy Will, but I hadn't
talked to him at all. So anyway, I met Brandon through
Will. I decided to throw a pool party for my friends. My
friends Will, Brit, Drew, and Josh were there, along with
Brandon. I didn't know Will was having Brandon come along
until I got there. We went to the pool and I saw Langston
coming out of the hot tub. Will, Brandon, and Langston had
almost gotten into it a few days prior. Will and Langston
were talking and I kept watching and Brandon was just
telling me that it was going to be okay, that if anything
was to happen, he would take care of it. Then, after that,
almost every time Will was at my house, Brandon was there,
too. Brandon admitted to me that when he first met me, he
hated me because of the fact his cousin only wanted to be
with me all the time (Will and Brandon are cousins). I
didn't like Brandon at first because he had a bad-ass
attitude. Well, my opinion of Brandon changed the night
that Will, Brandon, Jill, and I went to go see "Meet Joe
Dirt". Jill's dad said something that pissed Brandon off (I
am HIGHLY against racism). I gained an immense respect for
Brandon that night. I don't know what it was, I have yet to
figure that out yet. Anyway, I started having problems with
Will. I did it with Will and after that, Will started
acting like he was hot shit. I got tired of it. So I
started acting really stupid. The turning point of my
stupidity was the day, during 3rd period, I got high off a
marker (my first and only time being high). I went to lunch
and when Brandon and Will got to me...Will had the attitude
that he could care less what I did. When I looked over and
saw that Brandon was actually pissed off at me, and I
realized that Will was just now getting pissed because
Brandon was, I snapped back into reality. I kept worrying
that Brandon was going to hate me and never talk to me ever
again. I worryied about it until about 7:00 that night.
Then my phone rang. It was Brandon. He read the letter I
wrote to him. We started talking and he told me that he
wasn't mad at me anymore because he realized that everyone
makes dumb mistakes (like I said in my letter). I ended up
telling him everything I felt about him and everything I
couldn't tell anyone else because I was afraid that whoever
I told would go back and tell Will. Brandon told me that he
felt the same way, that he had fallen for me. This was on
May 21, 2001. I told him that I had a rule...a rule I had
set for myself two years before. It was the rule that I was
not going to cheat on anyone I went out with. He told me
that he was going to offer me a ride home the next day. He
said that if I did not want to break that rule, then I
should not go with him. I went to school the next day and
Will fucked up right in front of me and Brandon. He looked
at me and said, "You're coming with me this afternoon."
Afternoon came and the bell rang. I had to ditch Will so I
could make it over to the hallway where we were going to
meet. We left and went over to the County Dock, near my
apartment. We were just walking around at first, and then,
as I was standing up on the bottom rail looking out onto
the river, Brandon stood behind me and took my hands and
pulled me to where he and I were facing and he kissed me.
That was the first contact he and I had. We started spending
as much time as possible together. Everything was good with
us. Will broke up with me the following Monday, at
SeaWorld. He said it was because of distance and him
moving. In the car on the way home, I got tired so I layed
my head on his shoulder. That made Will mad. It also made
him made that Brandon was being nice to me. The next day,
at the wrestling match between Brandon and Will, Brandon
and I made our relationship known. Everything was cool with
Brandon and I until (I think) June 13, 2001. Brandon's dad
made him break up with me. We were gonna try and lie and
say he broke up with me, but we got caught, so his dad made
Brandon swear he broke up with me. Ever since then, we have
had problems non-stop. So yesterday (06.25.01), we
basically called it "quits" temporarily, until both our
parents have cooled off. He told me that he doesn't want
anyone else, and I don't want anyone else either. I love

That is everything that has happened between Brandon and I.
I will keep this updated.