Why I'm here?
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2001-06-26 04:53:59 (UTC)


Why I'm so fucking emo??
I read my last entry "missing words" and it sounds like I'm
hopeless peice of shit that never had a boyfriend. Just for
the record, I had two. I'm just a confuse misfit that
thinks too much. I.E, I found the link behind five
different countries in different time periods. And when I
try to talk to people about my opinion on different things,
people just roll their eyes and say "Ok,Kelly. Whatever you
say..." I know there's something wrong with me, but I don't
know what's wrong with me. Now that it is summer, I don't
have the everyday distrations (i.e friends) to kept me from
thinking about myself. Times like these I wish I was normal
person. GTG.