Weight Loss Journal
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2002-07-02 01:48:13 (UTC)

Day 0

today.. the first first day of my diet... thanks to janet..
now at least i know what i should do.. no skipping meal and
confirm no fried things...
this morning... i gain 0.1kg...that means i need to lose
6.5kg.. haiz.. but i know i must not be so dishearten...
after all this is my Day 0.
i start with Day 0 so as to make my body comfortable with
the diet.. then tomorrow will be Day 1.

6.5kg... all of them are fats and i want them OFF my body...


just had my breakfast....
had a sandwich (2 bread, eggs(boiled), tomatoes, 1 slice
cheese) and a glass of milo and a few biscuits...

i dont' know how to count calories but i hope this will be