Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-07-02 01:42:36 (UTC)

I'm So Lazy!

Current Music: 'She Loves Me Not' by Papa Roach

Ugh........I'm so fucking lazy.........

It's 1.30pm, and I'm still in PJs. Lol. I really hope none
of my friends come around for a surprise visit!

I just watched Hannibal. It wasn't really as gory as I
thought it would be. I wasn't really paying that much
attention to the movie though, so I missed quite a bit of
the storyline. I wasn't in a movie watching mood. :)

I love going to video stores.....It's so fun......I'm not
really sure why I like them. I just know that I do.

None of my friends like the same things as me.

Walking around at night.
Old horror movies.
Two story houses.
Video stores :)
The smell of smoke.

Yes, I know, I'm strange.

Bye Bye