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2002-07-02 00:27:31 (UTC)

All My Bestest Friends

I just noticed I've never really said anything about any
of my friends. I could say a whole lot of things about
them, but I'll just say a little bit, because if I said all
I can say I'd be typing for days.

Bridget- My bestest buddy, she's shared my crushes and my
pains. She's always been there to listen, even when she was
having problems in her own life. We are *sparkly* sisters
together forever.
Cathy- The friend with the love/hate relationship with a
guy, if you want to read about it read her diary, her
codename is SprklyMonky. I love to the end, even when she's
being completely obnoxious , because usually I'm being
obnoxious with her. LoL.
Stacey- The girl who I used to be best friends with, but
we fell apart. I would love to be bestest friends with her
again because even though her sister scares the shit out of
me because of a bad expierence with her (which is all
nicole belt's fault) I think Stacey is peachy keen and is a
good person to know.
Bekki- The quiet one that is over my house like every
night because she's such a big imposer...just kidding, but
she is strangely over at my house a lot. She has to be
talked to for her to talk back and since I can talk nonstop
for days we're the perfect pair. But believe me, when you
get her going she'll talk you to death.
Natalie- The one with the reputation of being a whore and
a slut because she constantly and heavily flirts with every
guy in her sight even when she knows you REALLY REALLY like
him. But that's ok, I do it too, but not as heavily and
obviously. Her flirting tends to cause arguments within our
Courtney- Ummm, the one like me with a new guy she likes
every week. She also likes to look at guys a lot, like I
do. She is one of those people who when she starts laughing
can never stop and that makes me laugh. We are a pair when
we start laughing. We end up with HUGE stomachaches from
laughing so hard.
Maddi- We are frizzy friends because we both have really
thick hair. She's really goofy and kinda ditzy, but in a
good way and when she's being ditzy she knows it and is
able to laugh about it. She's funny. WE're both marrying
Heidi- Is the most serious out of us all. Is more self
consious of the nutty things we do in public. Like when we
went to see Harry Potter together (LoL) we all put black
zig zags down our forehead with eyeliner, she didn't do it
and didn't want to be associated with us when we did.
Lindsay- Is a really fast runner and is really funny when
she is in the mood to be. It's really funny when she laughs
and has HoHo stuff stuck in her braces. Lindsay, I have no
idea why I remember that mental picture of you, but I do.
Jess- Is as insane as I am and comes up with the funniest
stories and plans to get us in trouble. Too bad she moved
to Georgia the land of peaches and peanuts.
Megan- Is also the insane maniac who acts like she's
hyper all the time. she comes up with the other half of our
crazy plots.
Rita- Is a strange and interesting person, kind of scary
sometimes because her brain works in interesting ways.
She's fun to be around.
Yasmin- She has shared my crush on Ryan S. and is insanely
funny. I'm thinking of recommending her for therapy.
Brenda- She likes Brett almost as much as I used to and I
help her with the whole Brett situation even though I want
Wayne- My soulmate, LoL. My boy toy and the guy I'm
running away to Alaska with. He's the guy who plays along
with my little flirting games and the guy who I've
considered going out with since he's so nice and funny and
just generally a great person.
Brett- The guy I liked for 5 months then told him that I
liked him and he stopped talking to me for weeks. But we're
friends now to my dismay, I didn't think I liked him
anymore, but when I went to his party Saturday, I found
myself liking him again. (sorry Brenda)
Jonathan- My guy friend with the cutest dimples I have ever seen.
He's pretty hott as guys where I live go. He went out with my friend
Bekki for a while,but they broke up recently. It's kinda strange
because I'm starting to like him a little bit, but it feels wierd
becuase I mean my best friend and him went out. Even though she never
had strong feelings for him, it still feels wrong. Too bad, he is oh-
so-fine. LoL. Thank god he'll never see this. And people who do see
Ryan S.- The guy who I am married to and who's child is
growing inside me, heeheehee. The guy who I have liked in
the past and I kind of like again now. (LoL sorry Yasy).
Ryan B.- Though I am shocked to say it, Ryan Burkett is
my friend. I would have never thought it would have
happened, but it did. He is my friend and I'm glad. When
he's not mad at me or sad for some reason he's really funny
and nice in a sarcastic inulting way, but I'm insulting and
sarcastis right back and that's just the way our friendship
Greg- The guy I have liked in the past and is a total
cutie. He also plays along with my twisted flirting games
and is really nice and funny. He's like a foot shorter than
me so we look really funny together.

That's all the friends I could think of right now and also
I'm just plain tired of typing. So hope this satisfies you
Cathy since you say I never write in my diary and I hope
this satisfies you Anna since you wanted to know about my


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