*u HaVe No iDeA hOw BoRiNg My LiFe iS..o
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2002-07-01 23:37:37 (UTC)


Hey everyone!! I am so bored. There's never anything to do
here, except swimming, and that's all I've done this
summer! I'm bored as crap..this is may day: I woke up at
8:05, and went into my mom & dad's room..i asked my mom if
we were going to swimteam, which starts at 8:30, and she
said yes, she fell asleep when she was supposed to wake me
up..SMART..ok welli got to practice and swam and blah blah
blah, then i left n went to the bank 'n' stuff..then i came
home and got on the comp! after that, i pretty much did
NOTHING..then i went to tha doctor..checkup..lol after
that, i came home and called brittney..then i called katie!
then i ate dinner, and got back on the computer. thats
where i am now! yeah i know BORiNG ain't it?? I really need
a new domain name, cuz dot.nu isn't working on my
computer..lol I reallllllly need a new layout! i hate the
one i have now, its kinda..bright..lol its just too much!
If anyone has a layout site, PLEASE e-mail me!!
Lub u lots!!

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