the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-07-01 23:09:55 (UTC)

Embrace The Loserness

Haha I'm such a loser.

On the bright side, at the pool today Adam sic-ed
his kids on me, so that was fun. When I got out, I was
freezing, but I was talking to Lee, and when he went back
into the pool he draped his towel (wet towel) around my
shoulders, telling me it'll keep me warm. Surprisingly,
Amazingly, it did.

Then I was talking to Hallie on the bus today, he was
really sweet. We were talking about my social problems and
stuff, and he was telling me how he's really into Freudian
stuff and related things. But all in all, he's pretty cool.
We had a nice light talk that also involved my fears of
people...I've never spoken to anyone other than...one or
two other people about that. And never after only three
days of ever seeing them. It was weird, I just felt really
comfortable around him. He's definitely the type of person
who's an awesome friend -- I should know, he told me so
himself lol.

But seriously, I HAVE been doing a lot better lately. I
mean, I was talking to H about ME after knowing him for
only a few days. I was laughing and joking around with a
few of the other guys. I'm starting to really regress back
to when I was younger and made friends like *snap*. Haha
like I said, "embrace the looserness."

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