2002-07-01 21:55:45 (UTC)

I wish I didnt Hate myself..

I wish I didnt
Hate myself right now
I would have tried
Finding out more
About you
I just cant handle
Hard to make friends
They are all smiling
Laughing together
Getting along so well.

i'm always the strange girl
Practicing songs at night
When everyone's sleeping
It takes energy I dont have
To talk to people.
They don't believe that
Of course they think
That I have to be
A snob dont I.
Even when I'm Obviously
Smiling :)at them.
Some people are overwhelming
Just hearing them talk
Trying to convince you
Of something
Being loud
I just want
To be left alone
More so whem I'm feeling
Especially worse.
I dont know
What to say to
Construction workers
Hooting at me.either.