Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-07-01 21:43:22 (UTC)

I'm In A Bit Of A Pickle......

Current Music: 'Just A Girl' by No Doubt - I LUV this song!

Shit. I'm definatetly in a bit of a pickle. My friend's
older sister's friend just asked me out via e-mail. He's
about two years older than me. I don't like him though. I
don't know what to say, because I still like 'you know who'.
I guess I'll have to talk to Hannah (my friend).

I'm stuck at home babysitting my lil brother all week, but
I'm not complaining because I get paid. :)

I'm in PJ's at the moment. LOL.

I might go have a shower and get dressed, because my feet
and hands are cold. :)

Bye Bye