Emerald Spirit
2002-07-01 21:41:28 (UTC)

7/1/02 gratitude Journal

I have gratitude that I have a day off.
I am grateful for a good sound sleep
I have gratitude that I have good phone lines, so can get
access out.
I have gratitude for making it through a short shift.
I have gratitude for my health may I stay healthy.
I have gratitude for the people who love me, can't say
enough about them.
I am grateful for making it home in a running car.
I am grateful that someone found my poem off the list..
I have gratitude for a friend who would send me a computer
disk at there own expense just because they want to.
I am grateful for clean water, and food to eat.
I am grateful for a laughing child, who teachs me so much
every time I take care of him.