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2001-06-26 04:00:00 (UTC)

I Can't Take This Sh*t

Emotion: Upset
Diary Log: #9
Reality Check: That one thing I said I had to live for last
entry, I'm not so sure about it right now
Prior Entry: Do People Actually Read My Diary?
Thinking Of: I'm wanna cry but I can't
Who’s online: Sarah
Word of the Day: Sob vi. sobbed, sob'bing to weep
aloud with short gasping breaths --vt. to utter with sobs --
n. the act or sound of sobbing

Notice how my 'word of the day' almost always reflects
somewhat on how I feel. Well I suppose you'd like an
explaination? Ok read this:

Subj: hey girl ~_^ miss u
Date: 6/22/01 1:26:16 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LuvNTenderTones
To: Koul tshik, Lubydaria, [email protected],

hey whats up me nmh just bein bored misin u sorry i havnt e-
mailed u in a while well newayz how you doin fine i hope
sorryi havnt been online much neither well i just got bored
so i decided to write u and say hi well ahhem(clearing my
throat) Hi! ok that was dumb huh neways bye now.

Lots Of Luv,

So, being the nosey and somewhat jealous person I am,
freaked. Read on:

um...ok...Lubydaria, [email protected], Newyrkgl and
they are???

Did I sound a bit...o what's the word...b*tchy to you? I
think I did because I get like that when I freak out. Next:

whaoo u answered pretty quick huh(UM OBVIOUSLY) well if u
gotta know their my cousins in california that i havnt seen
in a couple of yrs. happy :-P hehehe ru jealouse(DO YOU
EVEN NEED TO ASK?) hey i cant spell ok im just playin w/ u
but reallyones my cousin ,one was my ex that moved to s.
carolina,and one is a really close freind that helped me
hook up w/ my ex and she moved away cause her dad had to go
and get a job in some small freakin town man i hate him we
been goin to school together since kindergarden oooooooo
man i hate him hes been tryin to seperate us since middle
school and now in the 10th he finally suceeded damn
bastardok thats who the three r

Did I have the right to say what I did earlier? I think so,
but then again I am a b*tch, ya know? Let's continue shall

yup i did reply pretty quick and yep i am happy(NOT REALLY,
I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT) so :-P to u too and
well.............maybe i am, maybe i'm not, that's for me
to know(IT WAS A STUPID QUESTION). i gotta go to bed now,

I didn't go to bed...I got on a different sn and went on
neopets. I talked to a few people there and they comforted
me about my little problem. This one guy was especially
nice, he was trying to understand it from a my(a girl's)
pov and he did fairly well. ok last e-mail of that night
when i got back on this sn:

buh bye sweet dreams princess and :-P back at u

D*mn!! What's up with that? ::sigh:: I'm pathetic, I'm
obsessed and pathetic. I can't help it, Timmy's so
incredibly sweet, but I'm a somewhat jealous b*tch and he
doesn't need that cuz he's single and wonderful and should
have a great girl that would be there with him and have the
ability of holding and hugging him. I can't do that through
a computer, I really wish I could, but I can't.

I'm gonna right more later, I feel a lot better after
writing that so I'm gonna try and talk with someone...I'm
not sure who, but hey, I don't care. Maybe I'll have a
chatroom fight :-).

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