the magenta files
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2002-07-01 21:32:41 (UTC)

one day more

well today is my last day at..the age i am.. which is dumb
when you think of it because tommorrow i'll really be just
one day older. " the end of the day you're another day
older..." that is an excellent song. well, i could write a
lot of things...but then again i suppose i can't, cuz i'm
just sort of lost in my own mind right now, numb and not
thinking. well, i think i am going to go try to get my hair
back to normal now... never dye your hair...unless you'e
going super blonde or black cuz you're cool...cuz it just
messes you up now matter deep..haha..farewell
farewell, til we meet again. may the forces of evil become
confused on the way to your house.