every ones got problems!
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2002-07-01 21:02:10 (UTC)

I am super ned!!

So things are not so bad today I'v managed to be on talking
terms with everyone in my house all day (probably cos I
haven't been home most of the day!)But with all good thing
there comes bad... I had a bit of a bust up with some of my
friends today, you see I fall under the heading of
*alternative* which basicly covers goths, moshers ect. and
so do most of my friends, any way I happened to be in town
today with so one who is not *alternative* anyway some of
my friends seen me and taken it to be that I was joining
the "other side" you know turning in to a ned!! This really
upset me cos I hate the way people catogorise people and
expect them to stay with in there group, as if such things
exist!! I think people should be allowed to talk to who
ever they want to, people are all ways going on about
wanting to be accepted but how is it going to happen when
the can't accept others?

Last nite was really strange when I finally got to bed
(3:30) I was having really strange dreams which scared the
hell out of my especialy due to the fact that when I went
to tell my sister what happened she told me she had the
exact same dream! I thnk i'v worked out a system where by
going to bed when it's still light outside and getting up
before dark ensures that I won't get bad visions in my
sleep..Although I could be totaly wrong and find that
tommorow I will have an ever scaryer dream! But I supose I
shoulden really be spending my time worrying about my
dreams and start living more in the physical plain. But I
really should warn some people that astrol progection or
outer body experiences can be quite scary when you don't
realise what happening especialy when you can't stop it
from happening. I think its going to be a very long nite....