Sporty Tomboy

2001-06-26 03:54:21 (UTC)

The Libby Dictionary


adding "sies" at the end of a word~ umm.. it's just fun to

"anonymous" kick-ass FBI agent~ me

arbor~ Popular restaurant with bad food!

Ass~ add

Blink 182~ my fav... the best band EVER!

book cover~ speedo

Canada~ men, food, me :)

confuggledness~ crazy confusion!! AHH!

cool~ evil word

corner~ Key Bank

double mocha chocolate~ sooo cool

dump his sorry ass~ break up with him.. that was not
obvious at all

eggs~ never put vanilla into these yellow things that you eat

fartemis~ my dog striking again!

frunn~ a coolsies word created by adam you go ;)

hot dog venders~ watching A Room With a View in slow motion

I'm not a man~ I'm not a man, what'd you think it meant?

I want some USA~ I want some Mark booty

kewl~ good word

Mcnuggets~ Wendy's chicken

Mom~ general with all the bugspray and sunscreen :-)

Mr. Pussy~ Will

muffin~ matt

My long lost sister~ Mary

NO!~ The "Libby" response to compliments (I don't deserve

ordering lemonade at wendy's~ sprite

Quarters~ NOT small change!!

phrack~ adam word no definition just sounds cool :)

THE Pink Elephant~ The Towel Twinz National Emblem

secret spy moves~ putting dirty socks in neighbors trash shh!
*Humming Mission Impossible tune*

Shit~ me and general's pudding!

sdervulnem~ Men Luv Reds :)

Towel Twinz~ me and Sarah

UHHHHHH!~ the sound the old geezer made when Mary hit him
with her shoe!! Don't argue Mary..

upset~ sad (ie: I'm not upset... I'm just sad, oh wait, aren't those
the same thing matt?)

We're so cool~ Daily gym sayings

womaniser~ your dog adopted sis

worm~ my sleeping bag

wowsers~ amazing

yaya~ the act of yaying to a exciting event

zoinks~ umm.. i don't really know, but it sounds cool!