Lots of Drama
2001-01-05 22:08:57 (UTC)

Well today wasn t all as great..

Well today wasn't all as great as yesterday but I'll be
alright. Today we took the final exams for 2nd, 4th, and
6th period and I believe I passed them all.
In 2nd period this boy in my Biology class told Patrick
that I liked him and I cried and cried and then stopped. I
kept telling Daria to tell ask him what the boy told him
but she wouldn't go. At around the end of class I finally
started talking to other people and Felecia slapped him a
couple of times and Jeremy (who now knows I like Patrick)
was being a punk and didn't do anything. Then Daria got him
to come by me and I said, "What did he say to you?" Then
Patrick said, "He didn't say nothing," and he started
walking away and I said, "Your lying," and he said, "No I'm
not," and, "I'm not lying." Which ofcourse I don't believe
these things. Then this girl named Cassandra (I think)
tried to get him to come by me before I talked him but he
wouldn't go. I spoke to Cassandra in the afternoon and she
said he is in my class which I wasn't really aware of
because she's in my class too which I also wasn't aware of.
So now I might have to deal with him in class now. That
really would make matters worst than they are.

Then the boy Bobby is now telling people I give head or
something like that I don't know. I'm highly disgusted if
I'm lucky my day will be brightened by getting my hairdone
tomorrow and hopefully getting some new clothes.

I'll Holla at Ya'll. Peace Out.