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2002-07-01 19:49:43 (UTC)

Lost And Confused!

Well Today Is A Rainy Sucky Day!I Feel Weak In What Ive
Gotten Nuttin Of What Ive Expected In My Life To Happen!I
Guess Its True When One Says What Goes Around Comes Around
And Well Its My Come Around For Doing That One Person Who
Really Cared Bout Me Wrong!I Dunno How But I Wish I Could
Just Turn Back Time And Change My Mistakes!Ive Fallen For
Someone Else Who Means Alot To Me And I Dunno What To Do!
Shes Everything To Me Now And I Know Its The Impossible To
Be With Her!I Guess My Only Way Out Is To Hurt And Move On
Slowy.Sometimes I Wonder Why I Have To Be So Emotional And
Sensitive When It Comes To Gurl!Why Cant I Be Any Different
And Care Less Bout Anything Or What People Think Bout Me!I
Dunno Where Or Who To Turn To!Will Talking To Someone Else
Help?Will Talking And Trying To Work Things Out With The
Other Person Help Or Will I Just End Up Hurting Her Even
More?I Need Answers And I Dunno Where To Find Them!Ive
Fallen In A Drench And I Dunno How To Pick Myself Up, Im
Soaking Wet With Problems!I Just Dont See If I Knew I Had
No Chance Why Did I Go For It, Why Did I Get Myself
Involved Knowing How Iam And How Things Always End Up!I
Guess Its Just Those Challenges That I Like!Im So
Confusing, One Day I Can Care Less And The Next They I
Sweat It Like Theres No Tomorrow.Maybe Things Will Go
Better By The End Of This Week. I Have The Feeling
Something Special Will Happen I Just Need Not To Give Up
Hope!Life Is Always Full Of Surprises Cause One Day You Can
Feel Like ---- And The Other You May Be A King In Heaven
having Everythign You've Wanted!I Knew She Was All But A
Dream!I Just Wish I Can Wake Up Out of It And Realize It
Not All There!Im out Until Laterz"There are only two ways
to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."- Albert