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2002-07-01 19:17:06 (UTC)

Love Magic

"This material may also be used as love magic; 'put it on
girls to make them crazy over you."

Is that what happened with me
I have in my hands,
My reflection in royal blue
With orange rollers
In my hair.
15 rectangles
With hundreds of boxes
In them
One of them
Might have your name on it.
But I can't look.
I dont have the courage.
For years, I didnt know,
There was a way to find out.
But now that I do
Have this.
I dont want to know
For sure.
Even if I'm miserable-
All the time.
I can't look.
I am afraid of you
Just as you are of me.
My fingerprints smeared
All over the squares
With tiny print on them.