Krystal Faerie

My told by Krystal Faerie
2001-06-26 03:14:17 (UTC)

*~Day One of the Rest of My Life~*

Let me first introduce myself, since this an online
journal. My name is Veronica. I am 17 and I live in
Jacksonville, Florida. I go to Mandarin HIgh School in
Mandarin (on the southside of Jacksonville). I live with my
parents, my sister, my dog and my cat. I listen to almost
every kind of music, but my favorite music types are Hip-
Hop, Pop, and Alternative. I am 5'6", I have red curly
hair, and blue-green eyes. My best friend is Debbie
Mulcahey. My love is Brandon Henderson. My other real good
friends are Ron Winchell, Langston Burgess, Brad
Cunningham, Jessica Crutchfield, Lisa McGraw, and Elizabeth
May. My honorary sister is Joanna Moses. Enough about that.

Today, I woke up with the feeling that something bad was
going to happen. Boy, my assumtion was so right. I woke up
kind of late, but not the kind of late that you dread
being. I had no PT today so I didnt have to worry about
that. Nothing too bad happened until my mom saw Brandon
walking up to the house. As soon as she saw him coming, she
made me turn off the movie I was watching. I was
watching "Cruel Intentions". He came inside and we were
talking for a minute then he told me that he had to go find
Ron so he could get Britney and this other girl away from
him. Then he said he was gonna come back and see me. Well,
as soon as he left, my mom started in on me. She wanted to
know why I didn't go with Brandon to drop them two off. I
told her that I didn't want to go. She got a little upset
at that. Then, she started in on me because I didn't want
to sit on the couch with my mom and dad. He had just got
home, so I was gonna let them sit on the couch and I was
going to sit in the chair next to them. Then the
conversation started to change to Brandon. Every thing that
he did to me was not the right thing, she said. I told her
I was perfectly fine with Brandon because he makes me
happy. Obviously, if he doesn't make me happy the way that
my dad makes her happy, then I am not happy at all. Shows
how much she knows. Anyways, after a big argument about
that, they made me go with them into downtown Jacksonville.
I don't like downtown too much, except for the fact I have
never been downtown before. They went on and on about me
and Brandon the whole entire time we were in the car. When
we finally got back, I put my skates on and I started to
skate around the complex. I went by the pool and I saw
Brandon. I skated over to him, he was sleeping. I wasn't
going to wake him up but I slipped and almost fell on him.
That woke him up. We started talking and he basically told
me that he and I could not be together because no one would
let us be together. His dad would not let us be together
and my mom doesn't like him. We know that we are going to
end up back together, just after everything cools down. I
love him with all my heart and soul. I got really upset and
skated off, and I took off too fast because I ended up
falling and busting my knee. I skated back to Brandon and I
said that one of the only ways we could get through this
was to work together and come up with something that we
could both do that either of us alone wasn't doing. He
rejected the idea and said the only way it would work
between us was to just to forget about it for now and come
back to it. I already know I am not looking for anyone else
and from Brandon, he doesn't want anyone else, either. So I
came back home and when I did, I was upset. I was limping
and I was crying also. I mean, I just lost the one person I
could count on to be there for me no matter what (I still
can count on him, just we aren't "personal" anymore). I ran
(fast-limped) to my room and I slammed and locked both my
bedroom and my bathroom door. I sat on the floor beside my
bed where Brandon would always sit and I started crying. I
was listening to "I Need You Tonight" by the BackStreet
Boys. Then my mom came to my door, banging on it, wanting
in. So I reluctantly let her in. Then all Hell broke loose.
I told her what happened and she got pissed. So we got into
another argument. She told me that the argument earlier had
nothing to do with Brandon but from the way the argument
went earlier, it seemed like it was all about him. We went
at it for about an hour. I told her I care for Brandon a
lot. She said that she fully gave up on me and that she was
through. Then she proceeded to call me a "2-faced, back-
stabbing little Bitch". She left and I went and woke my dad
up and told him about all this. He didn't yell at me, he
told me to tell Brandon that everything I have been getting
into trouble about has been about ME and not BRANDON. Now I
haven't said too much to them since then. And I intend to
keep it that way until Brandon and I get back together. I
will write again soon.