Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-01 18:24:54 (UTC)

Conferring with Sibyl, prophecies

I spoke with my spirit guide, and this is what she revealed.

July 4-6, 2002: 2 members affiliated with al-Quida arrested
in Maryland/Deleware for a failed conspiracy in the DC area
on Independance Day. One is roughly 30 years of age, the
other 38, both are of Indian decent, but are Muslim

July 13-19: CIA receives bin Laden video footage, though
the experts concur it is falsified footage and not recent.
The video and news is not released to the media until mid-

August: Mayor Juliani receives some type of award from the
people of NYC and is hailed as hero for the calm demenour
he showed during the September attacks. A rumor is
circulating that he assisted government officials in a
second conspiracy, though few are willing to comment on it.

late 2002: Gasoline prices rise further, prompting the
drilling of Alaskan reserves. Opposition is not as high
due to the apparent "need" for such action.

early 2003: Janet Reno begins to gain support for the
upcoming presidential election, but Bush is re-elected by
roughly a 60/40 percentage of electoral votes; although,
Reno wins Florida and California.

Feb/March 2003: Japanese release word of having developed a
quantum computer, though it is apparent it is not without
bugs by their hesitancy to market the technology. Roughly
two years later, it is global.

August 2003: Word spreads of a political upheaval in the
former Soviet Union and fear spreads that they may rise
again as a Communistic force in the world.

late 2004: German and Austrian scientists produce proof of
a successful human clone. The natural ethical objections
abound globally, and a halt occurs in human cloning, though
it obviously continues underground.

2006: China is suspected of launching an offense; 2008,
people fear a third world war, but peace negotiations delay
this for roughly 7 years.

2011: SETI project yeilds first result. Enthusiastically
it is announced that an algorithm was found to be
emminating from a nearby star. Later, this is dismissed as
atomic diffusion patterns, but the ET enthusiasts deny this
as a cover up. It soon becomes forgotten by all but them.

2015: China's threat resurfaces, and their expansion
intents remain obscure. Korea becomes a very close allied
force, almost a substituent country of the larger Chinese
empire (though they do remain independant since the Chinese
realize that conquering an allie will only stir further
upheaval). Peace negotiations begin again, though China
forms a false pact similar to the Japanese's method in the
Pearl Harbor incident. 4 years later, in 2019, the Chinese
rebel against the UN forces and begin active reconaissance
missions via satellite and stealth aircrafts in attempt to
plan for their upcoming attack. The tension remains high
during this period, naturally.

2020: A group of independent scientists in Europe create
excitement over the announcement that they have perfected
nuclear fusion, though it is revealed shortly thereafter
that for whatever reason, they hoaxed the world.

2023: The Vatican is under world-wide scrutiny for a
scandal that occured in the late 1900's. According to
global surveys, the Catholic church is weaker in numbers
than ever before, as is Christianity, with the current
3/4ths ratio dropping to 3/5ths, though it stabilizes here.

2026: The third world war begins, the opposing forces are:
China, Korea, USSR "II", Cuba vs. Japan, USA, Germany,
England. India later enters the war forming alliance witht
the Chinese forces.

2028: Third world war ends with the Communistic parties
triumphing, but 3 years later the Social countries rebel
2028: I am diagnosed with a serious health ailment,
seemingly involving the liver. My health weakens
dramatically from hereon through the rest of my life.

2031: 4th WW begins, ends very abruptly as the overusage of
biochemical warfare abounds from both sides and treaties
are formed on the basis that they are "waging war against
themselves," in essence. "True peace" results from this
treaty, though the lingering bitterness manifests itself
for roughly a decade in all international trading.

2037: NASA/USSR combine forces to colonize Mars. As
expected, several countries vie to collaborate on the
project, and in 2050 it begins, though I am not alive to
see this.

2040: I receive notice from a physician that I have "about
five years left" due to both the liver and a heart ailment
that arises, seemingly an arithmia (sp). The woman with
whom I have been conferring on these "prophecies" becomes
known to me in a strange manner, and my eldest son becomes
engaged to her daughter. Marriage results, though they
divorce in 7-9 years, after two children, one male, one

2044: I die in a hospital in the USA as my final book is
released. It does not sell well despite the past success
of several books. It is said I was senile and delusional
when it was written.