I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-01 18:15:52 (UTC)

School daze

Again, another late night. Then up early (surprise surprise)
to take my father too work. Drove all the way there,
dropped him off, came all the way back, and the minute I
walk in the house the phone rings. Everyone is still
sleeping so I answer it and it's my father. He left his
computer (laptop) on the counter. I need to drive back and
bring it to him. *sigh* Lovely start to this day.

Finally get home (again!) and get something to eat. (Soft
boiled eggs and toast...yummm!) Do a few chores, and then
have to leave to run errands before class. Went to get gas,
get the car washed, and fix the computer of my best
friend's mom. Well, I got the gas and the comp done, but
then booked it to school and then to class. I'm right on
time (thank god) and lo and behold, there is a class
cancelation slip taped to the door! So now I'm in the
computer lab updating my diary. I can tell you're all

Hmmm....let's see..whatelse to bore you all with....

My sis is coming home wednesday for the 4th, and I don't
know how long she's staying. Though she's probably sleeping
in my bed with me as TJ is in her room. Oh well, it could
be worse.

Housesitting next week as some of you know. Chris is coming
to stay with me. Gonna keep my company. And Maya company.
She likes new people. She'll sniff his butt.

Okay, there is a BIG SIGN outside the computer lab that
says NO CELL PHONES! and there is a dude behind me who is
talking on his. Don't people know how to read?!?! And if
they do, why don't they have any consideration for others?

When I rule the world, things will be different.