Monkey Slut
2001-06-26 03:14:04 (UTC)

My depression

OK this is my first submission. so be kind. ok well let's
see i hate my life hate my life hate my life, hate hate
hate hate hate my life. there i got my point life. let's
see i have three bitches that have broken my heart in my
life. let's see one her name is Dulce she never set me up
with her friend after one date so i haven't talked to her
in over a year. the second is Renee she broken up with me
once when her ex came back in her life. then again when she
broke up and was dating someone else that she never wanted
to mention. so to renee i say "FUCK YOU BITCH!". ok um and
last but not least is Teresa but i forgive her but she's
too sweet of a girl for me to mad at. I understand why she
doesn't want to be with me and i support that decision so
no hard feelings towards her. OK now i have this girl in my
life i want to get with and start something. but she lives
in Tampa Bay, FL and she currently has a boyfriend so i
can't be with her and i guess i'm ok with it. there's
another girl i want to get with and she lives closer and i
like her and all but she is only 15 and she's turn 16 a
month after me. so i'm 19 and she's gonna be 16 can we see
a little problem but i think we can work it out. well
that's about all i have to say in my life and i will
continue to submit more and more entires in the future ok
bye bye for now