Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-07-01 17:28:01 (UTC)

No way

Just because someone blew me in, doesnt mean Im not having
this diary. Screw that.

I know I shouldnt be jealous, but I am. Isnt it amazing?
Females are so complicated... its so insanly amusing.
Girl loves boy, boy doesnt love girl, boy loves other
girl, other girl loves boy, but has a boy, boy and girl
realize it would never work, boy goes back to other other
girl, and the original girl is left wallowing in self pity.

Amazingly enough, you can switch those around, and the boy
is left wallowing too. Two different situations, one
simlilar outcome.

Maybe to two wallowing should hook up.

Wait, the guy is a prick. Never mind.


Only I understand what i am talking about, and thats the
way its gunna stay.

*laughs manically*

Loves you dudes and dudettes.