The Daily Babble
2001-06-26 02:58:32 (UTC)

A pretty good day...

So I went to class today hoping I was prepared for my
exam...the professor said "the exam should take no more
than an hour" took some people 10 minutes! I was done
in 20! So I didn't know what to do so I drove over to Stop-
and-shop...and bought a Cosmo [I'm obsessed with this
magazine] some Snickers and whatever else and decided to
head off to work.

So I got to work really early of course and after Nimra and
Muhammed showed up, I caught up with them about their
weekend and what not. I had gotten an E-card from Jeff
saying he was home already so I was so excited cuz I
thought he wasn't coming home til Monday nite....So at one
point I went downstairs and when I came back, Nimra told my
that my phone had been ringing, so I got so excited and I
ran to my phone, but it turned out to be my sister!

But about ten minutes later, Jeff really called so that was
great!! We talked for a little while and I told him how I
didn't have class and asked if he wanted to come up but
since he did all the driving in Cali, he wasn't sure if he
wanted to drive again, but after we hung up, I kinda just
wanted to see him so I emailed his phone and said that
maybe I'd drive down.

Around 12:30 I went to get lunch for everyone, I didn't
take any money since Muhammed and Nimra already bought me
lunch ...and I called Jeff on the way but that got all
messed up. Cuz he was on the road and then I already got
pizza and was driving back by the time we got in touch. We
decided we wanted to see each other but that he'd call me
at 4 and we'd see if he felt up to driving up....

So I went back to work and had to stuff my face cuz Magda
was leaving. The patients weren't too bad, but I had to
handle both doctors cuz Nimra wasn't up to it, so that got
a lil crazy....

Jeff called a little before 4 and I felt bad cuz just as he
called, things got busy and I had to put him on hold twice
so I just told him that I would drive down and that we'd
talk then. And this time I actually got outta work by 4:30.

It took me about an hour to drive to his house...I rang the
doorbell [decided not to use my key] and he gave me a huge
hug! Hehe. It was nice...we actually sat around and
talked for the whole time I was there. Ok so I pretty much
talked more than he did, but I felt like I had so much to
tell him. So we talked and talked and tried to make plans
for Wednesday and then I had to leave at 8:30.

Things at home were fine, mainly cuz I didn't really
interact with anyone...And now I'm online with him, hehe.
Wednesday should be nice =-) and I'm trying to plan for
the beach the week after so we'll see what happens!

Well, that's all for now, I should get to bed early, or
something, hehe...G'nite!