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2002-07-01 16:55:32 (UTC)

kill this shit.

so im in tampa.
i just walked with emily to her very first college class
how cute.
i need a book.
im out again.
i have like 3 hours to kill. until shes out of class. im
not really sure what i want to do. i may just chill here.
its fucking hot outside.
so i talked to my mom. about moving. about how i cant stay
there another year. and she was actually pretty cool about
it. which was and is surprizing. she has to understand. you
know. shes not all about me moving to tampa. of course.
but...you know. its my fucking life. i mean, it really is.
and i cant see her not want to help me. you know? i mean.
im her daughter, right? hopefully it will all work out.
if i take four classes next semester. i will be a
sophomore. which would be cool. thirty credit hours. hm.
yes...and then i could transfer here as such. i really like
this school a fuck of a lot. like a whole lot. even though
its crazy. it just seems a lot more chill as a whole than
most other universities that ive exprienced. and i really
like that a whole lot. maybe its the people. i dont know.
im watching some movie. its pretty dumb.

i want coffee.

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