Dark Secrets
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2002-07-01 16:46:52 (UTC)


The big thing today.....
Fung went for soccer...he said he would be back at 8 to
he is usually the responsible kind who noes time matters to
me .He wasnt back at 10, i started calling him at 9 , he
didnt pick up the phone, guess he must be still playing, so
i was a little hot..., 10 , didnt pick up the phone, 11 ,
didnt pick up the phone as well..He would usually call me
if he's out for dinner, or if he will be home late like
this...i was so worried...i called more than 30
one picked could he possibly be at the field for 2
and an half hr without taking a break. I got so worried abt
him, and wonder if anything happens to him, i start to
imagine things...he broke his leg, his head bleeding or
whatsoever and he had to be sent to the hospital..I thought
he might lost his phone and must be round looking for it, i
was so damn worried, in the end, i called qq ....hoping she
can calm me down although i dun feel gd abt her this
day..she is the last person i resort to calling...

On the phone, she still seems nice, although i feel like
she is avoiding me these days despite my numerous attempt
in trying to call her out and msg her...

Today, sch was lousy, it was the first day, the studio is
pathetic, 6 computers, 4 tables....i dun even have a
table...i hated the subjects, it's getting interactive...i
hate quizes, lectures everyday, they are going to bore us
with speeches. Some of the students from B class joined
us...i think i cant click with them, i dun like their
attitude..i wonder how i would fair this year.

p/s my period is still not here yet, will i get pregnant...
it's been late for 2 wks...god!