I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-01 14:49:55 (UTC)

The first day of July

Happy July to you all.

Up late and up early. Seems to be my mantra. I would love
to take a nap today, but somehow I don't see that

Have an interview tomorrow. Have to call some places

Did some cleaning last night. Need to do some laundry. But
things are mostly neat. That is good as well.

I am very boring lately.

I know all the states of the Union in alphabetical order.

Watched a comic called Eddie Izzard. His stand up is this
oh so creative mix of history. He also gives his spiel
dressed in drag. And he is actually very attractive that
way. I highly recommend him.

I like history. If you don't know it, you're doomed to
repeat it.

I want to learn the song that has all of the US Presidents
in order.

I want to live in Maine...right on the shore. To watch the
foam shoot up from between the rocks.