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2002-07-01 13:52:49 (UTC)


Its also my nickname for Timothy but I feel that it doesnt
have to do with him.



Round her flaming heart they hover,
Lured by loveliness they go
Moth-like, every man a lover,
Captive to its gleam and glow.

Old and young, the blind and blinking,--
Fascinated, frenzied things,--
How they flutter, never thinking
What a doom awaits their wings!

It is all the same old story,--
Pleasure hung upon a breath:
Just a chance to taste of glory
Draws a legion down to death.

Fire is dangerous to handle;
Love is an uncertain flame;
But the game is worth the candle
When the candle's worth the game!

The image of a moth flying toward the singeing tongues of
flames is the foundation for its use to symbolize self-
destruction. Few people realize, however, that this
seemingly unwarranted suicide (which also gives rise to
the moth as a symbol of insanity) is not an act of foolish
recklessness by the moth. The "magnetic" attraction of the
fire or of a light source is related to a built-in
malfunction in the moth's navigational system.


The Navaho Indians associate both moths and butterflies
with insanity with much written about the equation of
insanity and acting like a moth by jumping into the fire
('moth-crazy') which is said to result from sexual excess,
breaking restrictions, and the like.

"All of our informants agreed that moths and butterflies,
especially moths, are very dangerous; that if the setae
get into food or water and are swallowed they are
extremely poisonous, and will cause insanity and a desire
to jump into the fire like a moth." "If you get the powder
on you or in your eye, go loco like loco weed." "Contact
with the powder from moth's wings will cause persons to
commit clan incest; 'sisters and brothers marry, they
crazy, jumps in fire." "This material may also be used as
love magic; 'put it on girls to make them crazy over you."


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