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2002-07-01 13:50:13 (UTC)

The Moth

The moth
I am engrossed
It flies right at me
I start
I forget that is is here.
What do moths mean?
How did it get in?
I didnt kill it
It's been here for about 3 days now
Johnny Johnny JOhnny
If you were face-down in a ditch
I wouldn't ever know.
I was writing down my dreams
Thinking of you
Then disappeared

But where was I?
Is it news of you, or dreams?
Or does it mean you will never be within my reach?
Or does it mean the moth to the flame
I have given up on the physical world
I only have my intuition
And my dreams
Everything else makes no sense.


"Dream Carrier, Bringer of Sleep, Bringer of News

According to a Blackfoot Indian:

You know that it is the butterfly who brings us our
dreams -- who brings the news to us when we are asleep.
Have you never heard a man say, when he sees a butterfly
fluttering over the prairie, 'There is a little fellow
flying about that is going to bring news to someone
tonight.'? Or have you not heard a person say after the
fire burns low and the people begin to make up their beds
about the lodge, 'Well, let us go to bed and see what news
the butterfly will bring?'

Goals Beyond Reach, Aloofness

The virtuoso thus, at noon,
Broiling beneath a July sun,
The gilded butterfly pursues
O'er hedge and ditch, through gaps and mews;
And, after many a vain essay
To capitvate the tempting prey,
Gives him at length the lucky pat,
And has him safe beneath his hat;
Then lifts it gently from the ground;
But, ah! t'is lost as soon as found.
Culprit his liberty regains,
Flits out of sight, and mocks his pains.

The butterfly as an aloof creature. They're difficult to
catch and they usually don't stay long in one place. Some
butterflies, especially the females of certain species,
spend most of their lives at tree-top level. A boy chasing
a fritillary butterfly illustrates the symbol of a goal
beyond reach. The butterfly's ability to fly gives it a
definite advantage over its pursuer. This symbolic use of
the insect is only possible in conjunction with the
portrayal of its hunter.


Wyman and Bailey quote Reichard as the source for the
butterfly symbolizing temptation. The "butterfly is
prominent as the seducer in the legend of Excessway."


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