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2001-06-26 01:46:56 (UTC)

Life sucks sometimes

I wrote earlier today but its like 9:30 now and i felt like
writing, er... typing that is. Well anyways like the title
says, LIFE SUCKS SOMETIMES. you get screwed over all the
time. i was just thinking about that earlier. Nobody has
the perfect life, as it may seem. especially mine. Its
like, every time i want to go out, my plans get fucked.
Because of my brother. What does my brother have to do with
me going out? I have to stay home with him. He's 11 and my
mom is like "josh isnt old/ mature enough to stay home by
himself. something bad would happen." What a big huge load
of shit. So, when i want to do something during the week i
have to practically bend over backwards to accomodate my
brother's stupid ass. yet he can go out whenever the hell
he wants. makes a whole lot of sense, eh? I know, i speak
excellent "French." haha. Anyway, I am trying to get Josh
to be somewhere else on thursday so i can go to my FAVORITE
place in North Carolina: the BEACH!! I hope i can go. I am
gonna try my damned hardest, too. he aint fucking my plans
up this time. hell naw. Maybe Grace and Kristian and me
and stef can go. that would be fun.
I was so pissed today it made no sense. I could have
killed my brother because he was pruposely making plans
opposite of when i wanted to do stuff, therefore making me
not be able to do anything i wanted. i was like okay you
are so lucky i didnt haul off and bust u in your face. lol.
i kno wit sounds so mean, me being like that to an 11-
almost-12-in-july kid but i mean damn the way he is... Well
i gotta fly. Ill write soon. ASH