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2001-06-26 00:52:59 (UTC)

26/06/01 - 10:35AM

It has been a while huh?

Birthday has come and gone... wasn't a disaster wasn't
anything spectacular, just another year marked...

I have updated my webpage if anyone is interested...

I like the address :) It is still hosted at geocities, but
diverted through Bravenet...

I cannot believe I am sitting here listening to TTFM, the
greatest love of all... oh god I hate this station... Hurry
up and leave everyone else so I can put JJJ or MMM on...

I have been cooking and cleaning a bit lately, I cannot
figure out what is wrong with me :) Hence I cannot wait til
lunch time... mmmmm leftovers :)

Fuck I am bored. Today has been a total waste of time. I
have achieved very very little at work this morning. I have
answered all my emails... there are some real weirdos
emailing me these days. It is amazing how I attract them...
one guy I have only had 2 previous emails from before
starts telling me about he is going on a date and thinks
the best outcome is he will get laid, the worst is he will
have to meet her friends. Uggh think I won't write back
anymore... weirdos... much as I like a little bit of weird,
these guys are pushing the boundaries. Maybe I am over
reacting due to stress and illness... I don't know...

I am missing someone so much at the moment... I feel like I
am going nuts. I am not sleeping again... just thinking
waaaaay too much. I have to get over it...

Well that's it for me now...


"Well since age twelve, I've felt like I'm someone else
Cause I hung my original self from the top bunk with a
belt" - Eminem - My Name Is...

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