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2002-07-01 06:21:48 (UTC)

This week

It's been a couple of days at least since I wrote anything.
A bunch of things have happened this week. On Sunday I
spent a lot of time talking with Jay. He was having some
major problems with his girl. They did not resolve
themselves, but they did at least die down a bit. She's
taking a break for herself. That has turned into more of
he's enforcing the not talking to eachother thing. It
didn't work last week and I have a feeling she would have
been more than willing to let the talking now and then thing
keep going for a while before making a decision.

Monday I told Jay we ought to watch a movie on Tuesday
night. Tuesday morning I asked Dave what he was doing for
the evening. I also invited him to come along to a movie night.

WHen I got off work an dcalled Jay he had talked to Dave.
IT had become a movie night at my house. I hadn't thought
it would be at my place, but it was all good. I called John
and the three guys came over. I didn't think about it till
afterwards that I had forgotten to invite Thomas. He was
not mad when I apologized on Friday.

ANyway also Dave had never been to my house. This was a
chance for him to come over here. Also a chance for me to
give him his sunscreen. That didn't happen. I thought
about it before the movie, but forgot before he left. Oh well.

On Wednesday John and I planned to go out to a movie. We
saw the Bourne Identity. It was a dang good movie!!! Right
as John arrived to pick me up Dave called. He was inviting
me to a Mariner's game for Saturday. He'd talked to John
about it already. I guess John said he would tell me about
it. John was a bit mad that Dave had sort of ignored that
and called me anyway. Dave did not know John and I were
going to hang out on Wednesday or I bet he would not have

So after the movie we went out to Dennys and had some food.
John kept mentioning that Dave had called me. He was
joking around, but it bugged me that he kept saying it over
and over. It frustrated me that he was that concerned about
it. I didn't feel it was that big of a deal, but John felt
Dave was going around him by calling me.

Friday the guys and I took Jay out for a drink because he
passed his class. We went out for dinner and then drinks
later. I had a kamikaze. John said it was a strong one
when he took a tiny sip of it. It didn't even hit me at
all. I like didn't feel a thing.

Saturday was the game. I got a pleasant surprise and Dave
brought his ex along. I have wanted to meet her. She was
so down to earth. I had imagined she'd be some supermodel
type, but she was normal. And I thought she would be
taller. As it was she was maybe an inch or two taller than
me. She is dating a much older man right now and says she's
loving it.

We didn't get to talk much. I am hoping to spend a little
more time around her in the future because she seemed really
nice. When we got to the game we found our seats were one
behind the other, not right next to eachother. That's what
Dave was able to get us. They were all through his work.

John decided to just take over the seat next to me. Dave
and Sandy sat next to us. I know John was happy when the
people who really had those seats showed up. Dave and Sandy
moved down a bit. Later Dave totally left Sandy there and
went to talk to a female co-worker.

I got a kick out of the guys behind us. They were talking
about how Dave left his date. They figured that one of the
guys had had three drinks so he ought to go talk to Sandy.
I was laughing to myself since she has a guy already. They
mentioned her a little later, but never did go talk to her.
I would have laughed so hard when they got turned down.

Dave and Sandy went out to hang with a few of his co-workers
at a a local cantina. I thought it might be a dull night,
but John and I went over to Jay's house and helped him move
a couple things. Then we watched a movie.

I was feeling a little down since we didn't do anything
exciting like go out for a drink after the game. The M's
won 8 to 1 against the Rockies. It was a very fast game.

Today I did a family thing. My parents and I went and had a
nice bbq dinner with my uncles and other family. It was
really great to see them. Also we have planned another get
together next month for all the July birthdays. Today was
my Dad's birthday. He is 59. He does not seem that old to
me. I would say he seems like he's in his early 50's, not
almost 60.

He is doing well, but still not talking much. He did say
grace for dinner though. I was able to understand the few
things that he did say so that is good!!!

I am talking to Dave right now. It is good to talk to him
now and then. I am glad, for John's sake, that we don't
have more time to talk over the summer. That would drive
John up the wall. He's already crazed enough about Dave.
Oh well, I guess that's the way life is going for me right now.