Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-06-26 00:47:27 (UTC)


Today has been the most incredibily boring day ever! I
need a job for real...I've been looking. I'll find
something soon, I'm sure. So, I have sat in this house all
day with nothing to do. I've been online today...WAY too
long. It's getting old. I've smoked lots of cigarettes.
Cooked dinner...slept...watched televsion... slept...
pretty much just slept most of the day away.

So, now I am online arguing with my brother. He's so
annoying sometimes. He wants to go swimming...I don't
wanna go cuz I'm waiting for Buck to call. I finally got
the nerve to call him back after his numerous calls this
weekend. He said he was at the mall shopping for a suit.
Always the classy one. Gosh, he's the epitemy of the type
of guy I want. He's hot...acts hard-ass around his
friends, but yet he can be nice...str8 forward...doesn't
bullshit...knows what he wants...such turn-ons. I just
can't understand why he keeps calling me. He can call any
other girl he wants, I'm sure...but yet he calls me.
Hmm...I'm so confused. I guess, I just will go with the
flow. And then Lennie has stopped making lude comments
about the whole situation. I wonder why...doesn't even
mention it. I guess that's cool, but it still baffles
me. :) I'll just go with the flow on this one, I think.

I can't wait to see Chris...I miss him muches. I hope he's
happy at Cedar Point. Well, I'm tired of updating...