Reality Bites
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2002-07-01 05:40:22 (UTC)

hey hey

I went to the gym and broke 3 of my toes because some girl
dropped weights on my foot. That was fun...Then I came home
and chilled. I went to the store and drove around for a
couple hours..went to the coast and just thought for
awhile...It was nice. Then I came home and talked to Ryan
for like 3 hours. Mia was upset today so I brought her
icecream, cause I'm a good best friend, lol. I did good
eating today, but I ate 1300 instead of 1000 so I took 6
laxatives so that hopefully will get rid of it. I miss
luke....Im hella bored and awake from all the diet coke I
had, So IM me on AIM: Jnmyrlvr is my sn.

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