The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-07-01 04:44:10 (UTC)

I spend my cash on looking flash

Fall fashion preview.

What's in for my return to Louisville? More interesting
clothing choices. I've been very subdued lately, mostly
dark t-shirts, dark belts, greaser jeans and work boots or
Chucks, but I feel confident enough to reclaim some modicum
of flamboyance. Just take the existing template and add
some frills.

What's in:

- silk scarves. I know, really pretentious, ha. Like
hotshot young film producers of the 1970s, wrapped around
the neck; tied short and subtle, or as subtle as that can

- dark blazers. Pinstriped, black, felt, whatever. Sort of
mod. To be worn with t-shirts underneath.

- wrist bracelets. Leather, colored, massed.

- white and red belts. Trendy, I know. But regardless, they
look really damn good, particularly with the jackets.

- more boots, if budget constraints permit.

- brown hair. Red is finished for now.

- black nail polish, perhaps. If I can get away with it.

All in all, a much better rounded look. Much harder to
ignore. Celebrity-like.