It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-01 04:37:37 (UTC)

im tired, so tired...

im tired of having sex (so tired). not really, im just
quoting the words of rivers quomo.
i spent my day at work, then ditching brandon, lauren,
kendall (scary lezbian that likes me) and some other folks
at nick's graduation party that was over. we watched the
fireworks on my car, lite a tennis ball on fire and stole a
road closed sign. good times were had by all. a bunch
people from the old degrassi jr high are gonna be on the
new episode tomorrow. i hope it's gonna be cool. snake's a
music teacher, joey is on, caitlin, and spike. who else i
don't know, but i hope it will rule. im going to bed or
maybe masturbate again. night.


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