My so called life...
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2002-07-01 03:38:51 (UTC)

Missing my mark.

Listening: Lonestar - Not a Day Goes By
Reading: Nothing
Mood: Reflective

I don't know if it because of what everyone's said or if
I've just come to some realization but I think I'm
interested in SPK. I don't know!!!! How can I ask for
anything more. She has all the qualities that someone
could ask for in a person but for some reason we just
don't seem to be clicking. I know she's interested and she
has to know that I'm interested as well. But why does she
act the way she does around me. At times, it almost seems
as though she doesn't want to even be around me. I know
that I am different. I notice the little things more than
others but if you're going to hang out with me, HANG OUT
WITH ME. I've firmly believed that a relationship
shouldn't be something you have to work at. It should be
natural and easy. I get this feeling sometimes that she's
a little shy or apprehensive about letting me know how she
feels but FUCK you can't act as though you have no
interest. What does she want me to do? Confess my undying
love for her? I don't know what to do? I guess I'll see
what happens and just go with the flow.