Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-06-25 23:09:30 (UTC)



This is a poem I have submitted in a few places and it will
be published in a young authors book. I would like to know
what YOU people think about it. And If you do happend to
read this... please read some of my other entries and let me
know what you think on things

In Need Of A Friend

I lie awake in my bed,
Thinking thoughts in my head.
I can not seem to get to sleep,
Might as well stop counting sheep.
My dreams I have come and go,
Like a song but a show.
Voices screaming, yelling,
Like the popcorn man not even selling.
Will some one save me?
Someone please?
I need someone to save me of this missory.
So if you can help, call me now
I'm sure you can help,
Someway somehow.

What did you think? Well please give me some feedback!!
Also In my entry before this i needed advice. So read that
too if you wanna help!