the facts of my life
2002-07-01 02:23:51 (UTC)

my mind is complex i think

when you u think of a lye does ur head hurt?
mine does
when you stare for hours at a blank screen does you eyes
not mine
when you think of someone you like do u think have great
big grin on you face?
i dunno i have never looked in the mirror at thought of
someone besides me
when you think of some one you hate and why u hate them do
u ever get confused on why?
i do all the time
when you are studing for a big test do u forget everything
u learned for that test?
i do i think i am taking the wrong test all the time
when ppl talk to u all that one time do u ever feel alone?
i do

why would u feel alone if u had alot of ppl talking to you
i think i can answer that question because i feel that i
am alone for i do not have someone to share my life with
and someone that i care about with me. someone that has
been there and feels the same way i feel and can see when
i am hurting and knows what makes me laugh and someone who
can make me smile and grin and someone that takes my
breath away and someone that makes me stops my mind every
time i talk to them and someone that makes me want to shut
up and listen to them talk and someone that makes me want
to stay alive and someone that makes me feel free.

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