The Story of Us
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2001-06-25 22:09:45 (UTC)

August 1/99

Woode didn’t leave yahoo he just changed nicknames. I told
him that his lying didn’t make a difference to me and that
it’s just the internet and that I’d still talk to him
because I’m no one to judge him. The rest of the people
that feel betrayed about him should piss off it’s stupid
being mad the way they are. Mother was her usual victim
tonight she was in the basement saying life had no meaning
for her what a joke. Woode came back as the hulk and she
was all punch me in the face put me out of my misery of
course he was very smarmy to her about how he’d never hurt
her. What a load of bullshit. Then Shadow came to rescue
her and told her come with me and she ignored him he said
it a couple times and then told her it was her last chance
and she finally left the room that must be what it is to be
the man in her life. I can’t figure out what he sees in her.

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