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:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-25 22:03:56 (UTC)

:: forgiveness ::

never i understood before
why calamity kept coming
in my life

but in every defeat i got
i never planted hatred in my heart
and i always tried to be joyful
and i forced my heart to sing

people never know how i felt inside
as i kept mending the wound
and, yes, time heals

but now i realize
God allows all things to happen
because He knows what's best for me
He designed my life and my destiny
more beautiful than any flower in this world
more melodious than any bird's voice

He never sleeps
He saw when i was hurt
and He knows that i never took any revenge
because i know that revenge belongs to Him
and with a heartful of divine love
He mended my heart
He avenged on people who hurted me
because i'm too precious for Him
as i am the apple of His eyes

He blessed me in my frailty
He loves me when i was rejected
He listen to me when the world closed its ears

so next time if i am hurt again
i know that something wonderful is waiting for me
and i am ready to open my next box of surprise
and i am happy that God gives me a privilege
to learn more about forgiving and loving

© :: connie ::™
0553pmgmt 7

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