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:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-25 22:03:12 (UTC)

:: come home ::

i miss you, my dear friend
where have you been?
i talked to you
but my voice was
flung away
as you were not there,
but a deaf wall was.

do you miss us lately;
do you miss our friendship?
do you remember the time,
both bad and good,
we spent together?

where are you?
where are the real you?
where is the person i have known for years?

i can't force to still take me
as a so-called "soul sister"
but i just want to let you know
that you are always in my heart
you will always be
that i am always here for
i'm still ready to listen to your problems
i'm still a friend you knew long time ago

as i know
that finding friend for a laughter is light
but having someone to share our tears with
is rare
that's why you are so precious to me

come back home
your heart knows how long you miss yourself
and i miss you, too
as someone i will always love
maybe you don't see me there
but i am

open your eyes
you are still loved
you will always be

© :: connie ::™
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