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2002-06-30 23:45:47 (UTC)

post kansas

I dont know weather or not i mentioned i was going to
kansas but i did. i went with my friend chere and it was
realy fun actually a lot happened and it was increadibly
intresting. I met this guy and fell in love. His name is
trevor.Its hard being away from him, im just hoping long
distance relationships work out. He is coming to florida
for prom and maybe for christmas break. I know im still
young but this is the type of guy i want to marry, i get
along with his sister,dad,grandparents and friends and i
love his mother, whenever i call and he isnt home i will
talk to her for hours. Best part is he feels the same for
me. I dont know how to get along without him for so long,
its hard to see how i did it before i met him. Hopefully I
will work it all out and we can spent a lot more time
together. Untill then ill work on writing my whole kansas
story. Right now im packing to go to Georgia in a day or
two. I am going to see my family and my new step-grandma
(how weird is that? ) I dont like her already so this might
not be a good thing. Im not sure but ill tell you about it
while im there hopefully!


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