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2002-06-30 23:32:29 (UTC)

An update to everything you did (and didn't) want to know.....

This, to any who didn't know yet, may be slightly shocking
news. Remember how I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted that
tattoo? You know, the chocolate covered strawberry on my
right hip? Well, guess what I did before leaving
Canada....teeheehee! I HAVE A TATTOO! So far I have gotten
the following responses from those that have actually seen
it: (not EXACT memory isn't quite perfect....)
Travis (my boyfriend): Its too small, it should be two
inches that way, but its cute. (i hate that word)
Torian:Can I touch it? oh! oh! can I LICK it??? Its sexy!
Lindsay: Nice!
Brandon: (while I was getting it done) Oh Phi, stop acting
like you don't like it!
Mom: So where should I get mine?
Keegan: It's fucking lame and I don't care. (he later
apologized for this)
Sandy (the artist): That's pretty original...I've done
plenty of plain strawberries, but none chocolate-dipped....
(she's been involved in the business for almost 30 yrs)

I can't wait until my sister sees it. In good Farrell
tradition, my mother saw it in the middle of an airport
*chuckle* and Alannah probably will too. I'm hoping to get
a pic of it soon....I'll let you know if/when/where it gets

Love you all! I return August 6th!