every ones got problems!
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2002-06-30 22:53:27 (UTC)


I have had such a shit of a weeked!
To begin with I have fallen out with every one in my family
about 10 times each! No joke. Also every one else can
enjoy the start of their summer holiday and can enjoy a
long lie tomorrow but I'm still going to be at school for
another 2 whole weeks!!!!
It's not so bad cos I will be in doing art the whole time
and building up my portfolio work, but no matter who much
you love something 6 hour a day for 2 weeks is going to
make you iritated by what eva it is your doing.
Plus I just learned the other day that I won't have any
money till SEPTEMBER!!! This is all because my bursary was
paid a month in adanced, I tell you something I will so not
be spending any of my money next year(That will be so hard
to do!)

The only thing I'm missing about school is not seeing my
friends every day *small tear falls* althoug I am glad to
be away from all the fakness of others, let me expain I
have some "friends" who are not totally honest with me,
what I don't understand is why people feel the need to lie
to me when I already like them anyway if anyone out there
knows can they please tell my why cos i would realy like to
Anyway I'm going to end this entry now cos I'm begining to
annoy myself with all my moaning!!!