every ones got problems!
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2002-06-30 22:27:06 (UTC)

hey world!

Ok seeing as this is the first thing I have writen in this
diary I think I should probably give some general
infomation on my self to all the people out there who are
reading this(Probably not that many!LoL!)
Well let see I'm a sixteen year old girl sufforing from the
usual teenage problems some of them being unable to accept
the bad and good qualities I have, struggling on this evil
planet! And generally hateing every person who enters my
life. All those points are what you expect to hear from a
teenager, but don't worry I'm not a manic depresent or any
thing like that, there are actually some things which make
me smile sometime, for instance painting which is one thing
I enjoy a lot, I also love music my fav bands at the moment
are Placebo, my vitrol,Deftones, Nirvana and Afi( I can see
this does nothing to back up my non"manic depresent"
Things I hate are 1)People who think they are always right
but are so not.
2)Self harming, I have so much hatered of
this topic cos I have some close friends who frequently do
so, it makes me want to cry when I find out what they have
3)People who force there views on others
(I don't feel I should have to elaborate on this I feel it
is totaly wrong and should not be acceptable in any

I can't really think of any thing else to say I just hope
that the info I have given helps you to understand what I
will be writing in this diary!
So I hope you enjoy reading about my boring!
see ya