the facts of my life
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2002-06-30 22:20:11 (UTC)

love can come randomly at you and you are stuck in the middle

Well I and someone that I only knew terrible things about
were talking on Saturday June 29th of 2002. We had only
heard very terrible things about each other from people we
called friends. I was at one of my best friend's house and
her new roommate knew the guy I was wanting to meet and he
talked very highly of the guy. so I was getting a little
nervouse to meet. We were to have a lil dinner date if his
car was fixed. Well his car was not fixed so we were
talking and i decided that i was going no matter what.
well he then remember that there was a place in my home
town that was to have a band that he liked playing and
all. so we were going to go there but then he found out
that they had closed for the next two weeks. So I decided
that i was going to walk to his house in the next town
that was about 7 or 8 miles away so i told him i would be
there in one hour and thirty min. well i took my brothers
bike to go. so i rode the bike there and i made i a lil
early. So i found his house and i finnaly met him and was
lil shocked to see that he was as sweet as he was and as
cute as he was. from what people told me i was afaird to
meet him but i had decided that i was not going to allow
people to tell me what someone is like if i have never met
them. So now i am glad i met him and i really wish to find
out if he feels the same way i do. He made me feel
safe,wanted,free,and like a hero to save the world that
was underattack. He was so sweet and kind that i was ready
to kick myself for not meeting him sooner and for argueing
with him instead of getting to know him. So i felt a lil
stupid after i started to fall for him.
I have one question for all that read this.
How would u feel if you were me and what would u do to try
to turn the tables for you past?