2001-06-25 21:07:02 (UTC)

The very 1st Entry! yay! lol

Well, today is a pretty boring day. It's a typical Monday.
But, It's summer, so it ain't so bad. Sometimes i wish i
was back at school. I just dont want to do the work. YES i
know i am lazy. Whatever. Nothing interesting has been
going on lately. This weekend was a little fun i guess.
Lets see. Friday night I went to stefanie's and we just
sat around and watched TV and stuff. anyway, saturday i
dont even remember what we did. Oh yeah, i think we went to
the pool. It was me, stefanie, brandom, Maine, and
Charmaine ( they are twins, and brandon is stefanie's
brother.) We were all swimming and then some guy who lives
in the neighborhood named chris came up to the pool and was
just hanging out. He ended up jumping into the pool in his
clothes and swimming with us anyway. A few minutes later
Grace drove up to the pool and swam with us for a while.
Then a big black cloud came, and it started to get dark,
windy, and it was lightening out, so we all piled into
Grace's car and headed back to the house. Grace dropped us
off at stefanies and dropped maine and charmaine off at
their house. That night we wanted to go out but couldnt so
Me and stefanie walked up the street to Grace's. I ended up
tasting like a drop of Tequila and was like " whoa this is
some strong stuff." So i just drank some Irish Cream and
Peach Schnaps with 7-up. Not like i am an alchoholic or
anything, just drank a little. It was so funny, Acting all
stupid. I dont know what was up with me that night, just
couldnt stop laughing. Someone could just look at me and i
would bust out laughing. felt like i was high or something.
lol. Anyway, We didn't do anything sunday, and i went home
early. I thought we would have maybe gone out with grace or
something, but we didnt after all. I think grace went out
with JP the other night anyway, because i saw his car and
then later that night she wasnt there and neither was she.
I guess he came back from NYC. That was sunday, and today
is monday, and i have been sittin here bored! Oh yeah i
forgot about something else that happened this weekend! I
went to stefanies cousin ebony's birthday party. It was at
the clubhouse in ebony's neighborhood. After that, we all
went back to Ebony's house. We walked around the
neighborhood and then there were some guys that came out. I
asked them if they wanted to walk with us, and they
said "sure." so we were all walkin' and talkin', and later
we ended up exchanging numbers. I havent heard from him
yet, hopefully he'll call. Or maybe i should call him. His
name was Sean, and he looked pretty interested. And since
me and Jason's stupid ass ( excuse my excellent French)
broke up, I wouldnt mind dating someone new every now and
then. I dunno, maybe something will happen. Me and Joe
havent seen each other in a while. Ill see if he wants to
go to a movie or something some time. Well, My mom got the
Place!!! When i say " Got the place" i mean amobile home
and we found a lot to put it on. It's actually pretty nice
for a trailer. i mean my mom and stepdad are divorcing, so
we are moving, and being a single mom, shes gotta take what
she can afford. Well In about 2 weeks the mobile home is
gonna be set up on the lot and we gotta get packin'.
Hmm.... maybe something good will come out of all this. I
hope everything works out. its a little scary when you are
going to be out on your own all of the sudden. I know how
my mom feels. but this divorce is probably gonna do her
some good. Her and my stepdad should not have gotten
married, and certainly not as fast as they did. Well, there
isnt much else to say, so I guess i will come back and add
something later. Bye bye now!